LIVELENZ integrates with any Point of Sale to provide restaurant owners with a tool to help reduce food and labor costs and increase store performance.

About Us

Built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners

Our Beginnings

LIVELENZ was designed by people who know and understand the restaurant business, and how to apply smart technologies to be more profitable.
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Founders Joel Doherty and Daryl Fraser come from a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) background, with a combined two decades experience in the industry. In fact, Daryl still actively manages four franchise locations. When digital POS systems emerged, the pair embraced the new technology, fast becoming experts in the field, and ultimately developed LIVELENZ: redefining how POS platforms and back-office software can assist owners, operators and managers improve business results.

Our Solutions

LIVELENZ is a platform for restaurant owners and managers to help improve key performance metrics like food costs, labor costs and dollars per order; all without the need for new hardware and software. LIVELENZ is cloud-based, meaning you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection, and there are no upgrades to worry about or hardware to maintain. It just works.

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How does it work?

LIVELENZ captures the data your POS system, regardless of brand or version, sends to your printer. It then analyzes it to provide you and your staff easy-to-understand metrics and recommendations on how to improve your business. Information is provided, in real-time, and can be processed by a busy manager or multi-unit franchise operator. LIVELENZ predicts when (and when-not-to) prepare items for a rush; when to reduce staff and even what items should be featured as specials – to move soon-to-expire stock. As LIVELENZ learns more about your business, it can even begin predicting your anticipated needs – helping your staff prepare for the day before the first customer walks through the door.

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