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Burger, fries, beverage iconFive Guys Burgers and Fries built the brand by delivering a fresh food, served in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. As your business grows and competition gets tougher, what are you doing to deliver: “The Best $5 Burger a Man Can Eat”?

Introducing: Restaurant Performance Improvement (RPI) technology, designed for franchisees by franchisees.
We’ve created an accurate, easy-to-use platform that provides real-time information to managers and staff that will help: increase average check size, lower food cost, improve freshness and optimize labor cost. LIVELENZ takes the guesswork out of running your restaurants.

How do we do it?
It may seem like magic, but it’s our software analyzing the three key pillars of your business: sales, inventory and labor to highlight areas where you can improve. Most important, it’s easy to use and requires no
POS hardware or software upgrades – all of the information comes directly from your receipt printer.

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