LIVELENZ analyzes millions of data points daily, from thousands of customers and different POS systems. Harness that power to understand your business with the LIVELENZ Restaurant Performance Improvement platform.


The LIVELENZ Platform

LIVELENZ’s products are unique because of the volume of data we process.
We analyzes millions of data points daily, from thousands of customers including international QSR and Fast Casual brands with a variety of different Point of Sale (POS) systems. Something individual franchise or POS software systems cannot do. This means the analysis and recommendations LIVELENZ’s algorithms produce are second to none.

How does LIVELENZ work?

There are hundreds POS systems for QSR and Fast Casual restaurants. Their primary function is to ring-in orders, track the amount of sales and help balance the cash at the end of the day. In many cases, the franchisee is left to read end of day tapes, create spreadsheets and try to track of key information to measure and improve the health of their business. This is time-consuming, frustrating and often overwhelming.

Some POS manufacturers offer limited reporting or other functionality, but require their latest hardware and software – which, for most, means a significant financial investment. While some franchises develop their own reporting software, for select POS systems, and require that franchisees adopt it as part of their agreement.

We believe better information leads to better decisions for your business. That’s why we set out to find a way for franchisees to get their data, without a significant financial investment. Our solution was simple, but smart (if we do say so ourselves). Create a solution that doesn’t depend on the POS systems. We determined the one common element amongst all the POS systems. They must, by law, print a receipt. And with that in mind, we set out to create a platform that runs on the POS printer. Specifically, we worked with Epson, the worlds largest provider of receipt printing technology, to securely and seamlessly collect and organize all the transaction data and make it available online, in real-time, using an easy-to-read dashboard format.

By interpreting the data, we are able to capture information about your business, process it with our custom algorithms, compare it to millions of other data points from other restaurants and deliver you meaningful information that you can act on. Real-time analytics, delivered visually, in a way that is easily interpreted so that you can reduce costs, increase average check sizes, even predict how many loaves of bread or pizza to prepare for a lunch shift.

Now, instead of purchasing new hardware or having to upgrade your existing POS, LIVELENZ delivers success by interpreting the stream of data that is sent to your printer.

If you are considering an upgrade and would like the most sophisticated POS printers technology, the Epson OmniLink TN-T88V-i is so smart, it can become a whole restaurant POS system – with LIVELENZ already pre-installed.

Your pre-existing hardware and POS + LiveLenz algorithms + millions of data points = success.


The LIVELENZ Platform includes:


Learn more about how we help restaurant owners track KPI’s like: sales, food cost, average check size and up sells in real-time. Click here


Learn how LiveScore will motivate employees, help set new sales records and increase profits. It seems simple; but, setting goals and showing employee metrics, in real-time, how they are doing against their target has had remarkable results with our clients.

Reward employees for: upselling high profit margin items, like soft drinks and desserts;  increasing the line speed or table turns; reducing waste by ensuring the right product is made during peak periods. Learn more


Keeping food costs in check, while at the same time ensuring your locations don’t run out of stock is one of the most important keys to success for any restaurateur. Learn how LiveInventory integrates with suppliers for automated food ordering and inventory and how its predictive technologies let staff know when and how much food to prepare. Learn more


LiveHR  can save you money and time by using predictive sales and inventory data  to optimize labor costs, reduce needless overpaying caused by unnecessary overtime, buddy punching and/or staff from “riding the clock”. Ensure you’re in compliance with local and federal labor laws and save time and effort by making scheduling across locations. Learn more


LiveCashOut streamlines cash management and reconciliation, allowing restaurant owners and managers to view information by employee, register and float, or see things at a macro, multi-unit level, all in real time. Managers have on-premises and remote access to incremental information like user, time, bag number, bag amount, deposit slip and overage or shortages, making auditing easy. Learn more

Watch a Demonstration of Livelenz Restaurant Performance Improvement Solutions

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