LiveAnalyticsTM gives you the information you need to make better decisions about your business. Whether one or one hundred locations, you can easily spot trends, compare location data and take action in real-time.


Real-time make a real difference

LiveAnalytics gives you easy-to-read, contextual and actionable information about the key parts of your business. Traditionally, reading end of day, or end of week, reports means you have to settle for the results. With LiveAnalytics you can act on the data while it’s current and take actions to effect the results – saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
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Data is only useful if you understand it. LiveAnalytics tells a story by processing the data and presenting it graphically so you can spot trends and act immediately. And because LiveAnalytics provides transactional-level data, it’s easy to drill down to store-level to see the event and/or employee associated. It’s easy to access simple, real-time, reports that enable you to better understand your business, across locations, and quickly affect changes that improve your bottom line.

Ideal for multi-store owners

Information for a single location is important; however, real value is created when you use LiveAnalytics to aggregate data across all your businesses and easily compare by:location, geography, brand or manager.Never before have multi-unit owners been able to compare data across locations, without investing heavily in upgrades to their POS. Our solution is simple and it does not matter if you are using a Micros, Aloha, POSiTouch, IBM, FTI or other Point of Sale system. Our proprietary POS agnostic technology enables us to capture your data regardless of what system you use.

Access it anywhere

Accessing LiveAnalytics is easy; do it from your home office, on the road or on the golf course. All you need is an Internet connected device. In moments you can see how the lunch rush is going at all your locations and take immediate action with the information given.
CAUTION: This information is ADDICTIVE.

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