Reconciling cash, tracking deposits and managing floats are a part of every restaurant’s routine. LiveCashOut provides a centralized, simple way to do this, without the need for new hardware.


Cash management and reconciliation made easy.

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Increasing accountability and discouraging theft are clear goals when it comes to better management of floats, safe counts and bank deposits. Historically, it has involved reconciling separate reports from the bank, the POS, payouts and paper tracking of safe and till counts.

LiveCashOut streamlines the process, allowing restaurant owners, managers and head office staff to quickly view information by employee, register and float, or view things at a macro, multi-unit level, all remotely and in real time. Features include cash reconciliation, deposit slip tracking and variance reporting. Audits are easy, with access to incremental information like user, time, bag number, bag amount, deposit slip and overage or shorts. For businesses already using Livelenz, LiveCashOut requires no additional integration.

Best practices for best results

Most restaurants have policies regarding how much cash can be on hand and how often counts need to be verified; but, traditionally, it has not been easy to ensure these practices are followed. LiveCashOut allows administrators to set minimum numbers of safe and drawer counts. The same can be done for maximum amounts of cash allowed in the safe, or drawer, before a deposit is made. If the team fails to meet these standards, automated alerts can be sent to you or the appropriate manager.

Can reporting be faster and easier?

LiveCashOut allows you to enter deposits into a system that is synced with your Point of Sale (POS) in real-time. No more wondering if spreadsheets contain the latest figures. Produce detailed reports on site or remotely of: transactions, paid-ins, discounts coupons/vouchers, cash accountability, and more. LiveCashOut is a single repository, making auditing a simpler, faster and accurate task. When required, LiveCashOut data can easily be exported to Excel or .csv format.

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