LiveHRTM will lower your labor costs, alert you when you are in a labor overage, predict the number of staff required, ensure you follow local labor laws, and make scheduling and payroll easier than ever.


Reduce Labor costs with LiveHR

Labor is one the most significant costs of running your restaurant. The fact is, you have pay employees whether they are being productive or not. Even worse, you’re likely overstaffing and overpaying because you don’t know when you’ll be busy.

LiveHR saves you money by examining previous sales activity, including: time-of-day analysis for peak periods, units sold and employee productivity and creates an optimized schedule. You can also create grace periods for clock-in and clock-outs, which eliminates over paying when employees aren’t working.

Because Livelenz works with real-time, transaction-level data, LiveHR can send alerts and notifications to managers when a location is in a prolonged labor overage – staff can be sent home, saving money, rather than waiting for end of day (or end of week) reports when it’s too late to take action.

“We have seen a labor savings of almost $10,000 per location.” – Jason M, Subway MUO

Protect yourself

Scheduling staff can be a tricky and tedious job. You need to ensure you have: enough staff, the right type of staff, following labor standards and operational best practices. LiveHR factors local and national labor standards, to ensure you’re in compliance, and you can easily add your own operational procedures – opening, prep and closing requirements to ensure you’re always ready.

Improve Scheduling and Payroll Efficiency

Do you or your managers spend hours creating schedules for multiple locations? LiveHR makes it easy to create one or multiple schedules from a single dashboard. Worried about paying overtime unnecessarily or overlooking key staff roles and functions? LiveHR will alert you if employees are getting close to a threshold for hours, if minors are scheduled after a certain time and will ensure you always have the right staff scheduled for opens and closes.

To save even more time, LiveHR makes it simple to pay your staff by integrating seamlessly with the leading with accounting and payroll applications, including: ADP, Quickbooks and Peachtree.

Download the LiveHR Product Overview PDF

Watch a Demonstration of Livelenz Restaurant Performance Improvement Solutions

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