Inventory is one of the greatest costs of running your restaurant. You need ingredients to make the meals, but ordering too much can impact your cash flow and if food spoils you are throwing away money. LiveInventoryTM predicts the inventory you need and makes managing the process easier and more efficient.


The right ingredients at the right time

LiveInventory integrates with your POS to track inventory in real-time, removing items as ingredients (and meals they are part of) are sold. This transaction-level information means you know, up-to-the moment, the amount of inventory you have on hand, what items may run out and what products are going to expire. This information combined with predictive sales forecasting and safety stock thresholds allows you to know exactly how much inventory to order each time. No more guessing at how busy you may be and ordering “extra”, just in case. LiveInventory will improve order efficiency, reduce your food carry costs and reduce spoilage.

Save time and reduce human error

Managing your inventory – counting stock and receiving orders is time consuming and prone to mistakes. LiveInventory makes the whole process easier and more efficient with digital count sheets and electronic order reconciliation. The real-time inventory reporting and seamless electronic data interchange (EDI) with the largest food suppliers to make it easy to populate, place and receive orders, electronically.

LiveInventory lets you send the order from an Internet enabled device, directly to the food supplier. The supplier confirms the order and sends back the confirmed shipping manifest – the same one the driver has. Not only is this easier and more efficient, it also means pack sizes and associated costs are always up to date.

Trade inventory between locations

If you own multiple locations, LiveInventory makes it easy to track and trade inventory between locations, ensuring restaurants don’t run out; but that food costs are properly managed and assigned. Don’t let paperwork or process prevent you from selling more or losing control of managing your business.

Use LiveInventory to decrease food costs by:

  • Eliminating inventory over/shorts and associated waste with more accurate, predictive food ordering solutions
  • Automating the creation, submission and receipt of your orders with direct integration with your supply chain partners
  • Updating inventory automatically upon receipt of the supplier invoices

Download the LiveInventory Product Overview PDF

Watch a Demonstration of Livelenz Restaurant Performance Improvement Solutions


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