LiveScoreTM  is designed to increase sales of your most profitable items – drinks, desserts, and add-ons – by motivating employees with sales targets, showing real-time progress towards the goals, displaying the results on an easy-to-read tablet or monitor.


Small changes lead to BIG profits

Most restaurants get the big things right. However, it’s the small things that can make the difference between breaking even and significant profits. LiveScore provides a visual reminder to employees to promote the items that lead to the most profits. For example, increasing drink sales by just 5% can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line. If you’d like to see just how much it can add to your business, visit: ROI calculator

How does it improve sales and change performance?

Basic human psychology: People want to succeed and be recognized by peers. By setting goals and sharing progress with employees, they become more involved. Add rewards, like our badges, and some friendly competition, with our leader boards and they are now even more invested in the process. And employees competing to add drinks, add-ons, and desserts means an increased average check and more money to the bottom line.

Only with Livelenz

Livelenz is the only company to provide POS independent, real-time, transactional data. That means our platform can predict sales, both by revenue or units, and can display them as daily goals and broken down into hourly targets for employees. And all progress towards those targets is updated instantly. LiveScore is easy to configure, by managers, and requires very little training for staff.

Rewards lead to even greater results

Do you own multiple locations or are you part of a larger group? If so, start building some friendly competition between locations, teams or individual employees use LiveScore to set clear objectives and monitor progress. When you add rewards, like gift certificates you’ll see sales increase even more.

Watch our video to learn more

Download the LiveScore Product Overview PDF


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