NRF 2013 Reveals Products That Smart VARs Will Be Eager To Sell

21st February 2013
NRF Big Show 2013: Creative Commons photo by National Retail Federation

Big Data In POS … From An Unexpected Source

Epson revealed its new Omnilink smart solutions product line. Think of a T88V with a full-blown computer built in. The applications here are very impressive. One of Epson’s ISV partners, LIVELENZ, was on hand at the booth to illustrate what such a powerful printer can do in the QSR space. Think about this: regardless of what hardware or software is being used for the POS, a receipt printer spits out detailed transaction information in a uniform manner. The new Epson T88V-i printer can send that transactional detail to the cloud where LIVELENZ sits. The ISV takes that data and crunches it in every way possible, giving restaurant owners and managers rich data and reports.

LIVELENZ CEO Joel Doherty — who’s also a restaurant owner — pulled up reports for one of his stores. Using data only from the Epson Omnilink receipt printer, he can see his sales for the day, which employees had which sales in the day, how many voids were made, what his top-selling items were, what items were also bought with top-selling items, and on and on. The interface is clean and polished and the amount of detail is frankly amazing. Doherty told me that the service (yay, recurring revenue) costs retailers about $59 per store. He’s looking for VARs and offering between 15% to 30% revenue share. Because the solution is truly software agnostic, any of your customers can use the service, provided they have one of Epson’s new printers.

I’ve got a handful of product demo videos I need to edit in the coming days, so keep an eye on the Business Solutions Youtube channel to see some of these products mentioned above in action.

Former restaurant operator and technology enthusiast who loves data and seeing what's possible. It's truly amazing how measurement, engagement, and awareness changes a business.

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