Improvements to Your LiveAnalytics Experience

21st November 2014
Changes are coming to LiveAnalytics

Here at Livelenz, we are constantly trying to improve our products and many of the ideas behind these improvements come from our users. One consistent piece of feedback we get is that new users find LiveAnalytics to be a bit overwhelming when they begin learning to use it. Taking that, and other feedback we’ve received into account, we will soon be rolling out some changes to the appearance and navigation of LiveAnalytics, while keeping the functionality that our dedicated users have come to expect.

What is changing

The overall theme for this update is a simpler, easier to navigate interface for those using LiveAnalytics every day. Here are some of the changes that will soon become part of the LiveAnalytics experience:

  • We started by decluttering the interface, tidying up some of the page options and overall we’ve made things a little cleaner. The appearance is now more accessible and things are easier to find at a glance.
  • To make navigation easier, the size of the page indicator (where you are in LiveAnalytics) is larger and more clearly placed along the top of the screen.
  • A number of items (like dropdown and date fields) have be re-aligned and placed more consistently on pages. All dates have also been formatted to consistently read how a person would say them when speaking (month/day/year).
  • New navigation has been added so users can more easily find “options” related to a page. For example, the Configure Widgets button, now found on the dashboard, or the Sales Trends option found on the Live Sales page. These “options” are placed in blue buttons, consistently located in the upper right corner of the page.

What to expect

No one likes surprises, so registered LiveAnalytics users will receive an initial email notice about the upcoming changes and a second reminder the day before they go live. Overall, these changes are primarily visual. The reports and widgets themselves have not changed, but how they appear has been improved, so that busy users of the platform find it simpler to navigate.


There will be a live webinar to walk users through the changes to LiveAnalytics on Wednesday, November 26th, from 11:00 to 11:59 am EST. You can register to participate in this webinar by using the form below.

Have questions or feedback about the latest improvements to LiveAnalytics? Email us at, or reach us by phone at 1-888-407-0505 x 115. 

Chief Operating Officer at LIVELENZ. Greg began working part-time in restaurants when he was 15 and continued in the industry for a decade. He then began working for technology companies developing a passion for improving operational efficiencies at fast-growing organizations.

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