Introducing LiveScore: A Game Changer for Restaurants

19th November 2013
Introducing LiveScore

Livelenz, the restaurant performance improvement company, is excited to announce the launch LiveScore – a revolutionary new product, designed to proactively change employee behavior and increase sales by showing goals and providing performance updates, in real time.

We see it time and time again working with restaurant and multi-unit operators (MUOs). Management crafts a plan to how to improve sales, reduce costs and/or create a better working environment and pushes them down through the organization. More often than not, employees are never engaged in the process.  Programs and promotions get forced on them, without considering what’s in it for them – why should they care? If your answer is “a paycheck”, you’ll likely get a minimal amount of effort; however, align your success with their motivation and you have a winner.

How do you set performance goals? More importantly, how do you measure success? Too often, the results are never shared with employees. And for managers, the results come out a week (or weeks) later – great for summary reporting and identifying what worked (or didn’t).  But it doesn’t allow for changes, in the moment. If you were flying to Chicago, and the wind pushed you off course, you wouldn’t want to sit patiently and see where you ended up. You’d want the pilot to recalculate along the way to ensure you arrived at your destination.

How is LiveScore changing things?

“Livelenz has been helping companies improve their performance by providing better data. It became clear, there has always been one key stakeholder missing from the process – the frontline employee. With LiveScore, we’re changing that”, said Joel Doherty, Livelenz co-founder and CEO.

Watch the LiveScore demo:

For the first time, Livelenz is using technology to share goals and measure performance with employees, in real time. LiveScore delivers relevant information, in an intuitive and easy-to-read format on a tablet, mounted behind the counter.

It shows:

  • Daily targets – Operators can set goals based on predictive sales data from LiveLenz;
  • Hourly objectives – Employees see how they are doing compared to their goals;
  • Workflow automation – Always have fresh product ready when its needed.

What’s in it for them?

LiveScore lets employees see how they are being measured and provides a sense of satisfaction when they meet or exceed those goals. It also seems to bring out a sense of friendly competition. Smart operators are creating contests between employees and locations and rewarding those who exceed goals and set records. How and what you chose to reward is up to you.

What’s in it for the operator?

In a word, more profit. Consider focusing (and rewarding) up selling like drinks, add-ons (like bacon) and/or deserts. These items are easy to suggest, quick to add and have high profit margin.

To learn how one owner increased profits by 15% using LiveScore: Click here

How do you set goals and measure results with your employees? We’d love to hear how you’re proactively engaging with them.
Let us know what’s working for you.

Former restaurant operator and technology enthusiast who loves data and seeing what's possible. It's truly amazing how measurement, engagement, and awareness changes a business.

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