Livelenz Now Integrates with SubwayPOS

10th December 2014
SubwayPOS now works with Livelenz

Many of our longtime customers have requested that we extend our support for Subway franchisees to include the new SubwayPOS. We’re happy to announce, that as of today, stores using SubwayPOS can now begin using LiveAnalytics (formerly Sublive).

Ready to start using LiveAnalytics at your SubwayPOS store?

That is great news – you can begin using LiveAnalytics at your SubwayPOS location today. Call us at 1-888-407-0501 ext 115, email or complete the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll ask you a few simple questions and activate your SubwayPOS stores so they can begin using LiveAnalytics (formerly Sublive).

What’s different?

New Features

SubwayPOS users will have access the latest version of LiveAnalytics, which is replacing Sublive. LiveAnalytics includes great new features, including:

  • Faster loading of pages and reports
  • An easier-to-use interface
  • New reports to make running your restaurants easier and more profitable:
    • Sales Trends, Store Trends, Key Item and Sales by Day-Part reporting
    • Selected Items Sales and Enhanced Discount reporting
    • Transaction Lookups
  • The LiveAnalytics dashboard also contains new and enhanced data:
    • Dollar Sales by Department
    • Selected Items Sales
    • The ability to toggle between “Current Day” and “Last 7 Days” views on the Sales and Average Check data

Currently Unavailable Features

SubwayPOS works very differently from other Subway Point of Sale systems. As a result, there are some features that are not yet available (but we are constantly making improvements).

Currently unavailable features include:

  • The WISR report, Control Sheets and other select reports you save from SubwayPOS are available as pdf downloads, but their data is not aggregated within LiveAnalytics
  • Historical data gathered from your former POS is available, but must be accessed in the legacy Sublive portal

What if I am still using an older Point of Sale system?

Adding stores that are on the new SubwayPOS will not change how you access information for stores that you have on legacy Point of Sale systems. You will still access Sublive in the same way and can easily switch back and forth between the old Sublive and new LiveAnalytics views.


Have questions or feedback about beginning to use LiveAnalytics with SubwayPOS? Email us at, reach us by phone at 1-888-407-0505 x 115 or complete the form below.

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