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11th September 2014
Learn More about Livelenz Training

Great news, we have expanded the training options available for our suite of products to include free, live webinars. Using any new tool can be intimidating and we believe that training our customer’s new employees (and upgrading the skill-set of current employees) is an important part of ensuring your success and should be a priority for us.

How do I participate?

Click the links below to sign up for a free training webinar. If our live webinars are not at a convenient time, you can also try the product specific video and email tutorials:

Other ways we are helping improve our customer’s success

Live webinars are just one part of the plan to ensure our customer’s success. We’re expanding the types of training available and to help with this, we have grown our Customer Success Team. As part of this growing team, I will be running training sessions and creating even more training materials to ensure you are able maximize the value of the Livelenz suite for your business.

Looking for other training opportunities?

Contact the Customer Success team via email at

Customer Success Analyst at Livelenz. Over the past several years I've been fortunate to acquire a wealth of working experience in coaching, mentoring and training roles.

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