Training Tips: Using Role Based Scheduling in LiveHR

16th September 2014

With LiveHR, you can use a role based schedule to help make your weekly scheduling easier and faster. In addition, creating a role based schedule ensures you have the correct staff available for every time period throughout the day. If you need someone with access to the safe for the morning and evening shifts, and a prep cook to start the day, you will have these shifts already created and waiting to be filled when you are ready to begin scheduling.

First Steps

Important Note: Under “General Settings”, ensure you have the box next to “I want to use role base scheduling” checked. Do this by going to Manage My Business > General > Manage My Schedule Settings and Timecard Settings. Under the first header – Scheduling – you will see the option to check the box next to “I want to use role based scheduling”.

Employees Need Roles

Before we can schedule staff, we need to make sure employees have all of the roles that they will be performing added to their profiles. Some example roles you might use are: Lounge Server, Dining Room Server, Shift Supervisor, Cook, and so on. Add roles to profiles by going to Manage my Business, and under the General header, click Manage My Employees. To the right of each employee’s name, click Select and use the dropdown to click on the word Edit. On this page, scroll down to where you see the Payroll and Roles section. Here you will see roles listed for you to select, with boxes beside each where you can add their pay scale for each role, which can be different. As an example, the same employee might be able to be both a cashier, and a higher paid Shift Supervisor. You will also set their primary role and wage. All of this can be seen here:


Adding and Managing Roles

Once you have all of the roles that each employee will be performing selected, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save, or your changes will be lost. Now we’re ready to move on.

Creating Shifts

The next step is to create the roles and shifts for a schedule, including each type of staff member you require, and how many of each type. To do this, you start by going to Scheduling at the top of the page:

Click the Scheduling button (the icon with a clock overlaid on a calendar) and then click on Role:

Role Based Scheduling 3

In the upper right portion of the screen click Add/Edit/Delete Shifts. Once you do this, a window will open for you and you’ll choose the store as well as the role that you’re currently creating shifts for. Any that are already created will be listed. Next, click Create New Shift Time.

In the new window that opens, the Store will be populated with your previous selection, or you can choose any store from the drop down list. Under Schedule you will choose the role you’re creating the shift for. Select the Start Time AM/PM and End Time AM/PM, and add any notes you wish, such as “Opening Bartender” etc.

Under start and end time you’ll notice that the times also state Day 1 and Day 2. This is because many restaurants have shifts that run past midnight into the next day. This way, you can set a shift to start at 6:00pm on Day 1, and run until 2:00am on Day 2, which would popularly be used for bartenders, etc., since they often work later shifts. You will also be able to select the days of the week on which you need this shift to appear, as seen here:

Role Based Scheduling 4

Be sure to click Add Shift Time, to save it. Now you have a shift created. You can Edit or Delete the shifts any time. You will proceed with the same steps to create each shift that you will need to fill for each role, on each day. Once you have finished creating all of the shifts, we can proceed to filling those shifts.

Creating Your Schedule

When creating the schedule for the week, you now have a list of shifts as well as a list of potential candidates for each shift that fit those roles and have the availability for that time frame. Now we can actually schedule your employees. Start by using the arrows along the top to navigate to the dates for which you wish to start scheduling. You will then notice green plus-sign buttons at the top of each day:

Creating your Schedule

Once you click the plus sign for the day you’re starting with, you’ll be given a window in which you can choose the Store, the Role, and the Shift you have set up, or you can choose the shift times. Now, click the word Add next to the name of the employee you wish to add to that shift. You can then choose to copy that shift for this person onto days for the rest of this week or next week.

Role Based Scheduling 6

Once you have added employees to particular shifts, the system will not allow them to be accidentally scheduled for any shifts that may conflict with this. You will see the employees show up on the schedule, color-coded, with their roles and names listed.

Wrap Up

Now you’re finished creating your role based schedule. Setting up your schedule this way initially takes time, but makes the process faster and more streamlined every week moving forward.

If you have any more questions, please visit us at or call 1-888-407-0501.

Chief Operating Officer at LIVELENZ. Greg began working part-time in restaurants when he was 15 and continued in the industry for a decade. He then began working for technology companies developing a passion for improving operational efficiencies at fast-growing organizations.

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