Tutorial: Configuring LiveScore for Your Restaurant

28th February 2014
A screencap of the LiveScore General Settings view

When you first login to LiveScore the General Dashboard view is the default that is displayed, you can scroll left or right to see to other views.

In order to configure LiveScore for your store, click the grey cog icon and enter your password. Once logged-in, click on ‘Config’. This will take you to the General Settings section.

General Settings Section

A screencap of the tab where you update your restaurant's Hours of Operation

Begin by adding your store hours to the Hours of Operation section by clicking on the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ fields and inputting the appropriate hours for each day. Once your hours have been set, click on the ‘Update Hours of Operation’ button.

A screencap of how you update Leader Board settings in LiveScore

Next, check off which Leader Board(s) you want to display to your employees. Now click the ‘Update Leader Board Settings’ button.

A screencap of how to toggle the LiveScore Scoreboard display

Depending on what element of LiveScore you are using, whether it be the scoreboard for Average Check or whether you are using LiveScore to assist in food prep items, you will want to ensure you have the appropriate selection made under the Dashboard section. In this example, we are choosing the Average Guest Check option. Once selected, click ‘Update Settings’ to save your changes.

A screencap of the Weeks to Average Setting in LiveScore

If using LiveScore to assist with food prep, the Weeks to Average section will be applicable to you. This gauge tells the platform how many weeks of historical sales it should read in order to predict expected sales. In order to change the time range, which can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, slide the gauge up or down and click on ‘Update Weeks Average’.

Widget Configuration

The Widget Configuration tab is where you add the menu items you want to measure (and possibly use for employee incentives). Here you will label your widget, create the short name that will appear on the dashboard, add your target and the corresponding PLU’s or menu item codes. The PLU’s or menu item codes are what links the goal you are tracking to that item’s sales in the POS.  In order to add the PLU, type in the PLU number (or menu code number) and click ‘Add PLU’.

A screencap of the LiveScore Widget Configuration tab
Note: the target is based on a percentage of units sold or percentage of guests. For example, if you are looking for 30% of sales to include add- ons, you would enter 30 for the target. This will then be translated to units on the dashboard for employees. Consult with your Livelenz Performance Expert on creating achievable and appropriate targets for your store.




Depending on your store’s LiveScore configuration, you may also have a Department section in your widget configuration. If that is the case, add your Label, Short Name, your target sales for this department and finally, click on the arrow. Select the department you would like to add and click ‘Add Department’.

A screencap of the Department update section in the LiveScore widget tab

 Additional Customizations

A screencap of adding new PLU's to LiveScore

What is displayed on the Dashboard gauges and what categories to include in the Star Rating category can also be customized. Checking ‘Enable’ will add a widget to the employee dashboard. Checking ‘Display Gauge’ will add it to the green hourly Gauge section. Checking ‘Star Rating’ will add this category in the calculations for the Star Rated measurement. Once you’ve updated the widget sections click ‘Save Settings’, which is located at the top and bottom of this tab.

News Ticker

A screencap of the LiveScore News Ticker Update field

You can use LiveScore to communicate promotions, announce winners or leaders of contests and other news on the News Ticker. To add a message, click ‘Add New Ticker’. You will see a new blank section appear. Type in your message and click ‘Update’. It will now appear in the message center at the top of the dashboard.

Wrap Up

Need to learn more? Check out our full LiveScore Training manual here. There are also LiveScore Training videos available here. This post does refer to a general version of LiveScore. Your account may have custom features and vary slightly from this.

If you have any questions regarding your account, you can also get help by contacting support at 1 (888) 407-0501 or visiting help.livelenz.com

Chief Operating Officer at LIVELENZ. Greg began working part-time in restaurants when he was 15 and continued in the industry for a decade. He then began working for technology companies developing a passion for improving operational efficiencies at fast-growing organizations.

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