Tutorial: Using the LiveScore Employee Dashboard View

20th February 2014
A screencap of the LiveScore Employee Dashboard View

The LiveScore Employee Dashboard is the homescreen that is displayed when you log into LiveScore. It is designed so your employees can see their goals and progress, at a glance, in a busy restaurant setting.

Note: this post refers to a general version of LiveScore. Your account may have custom features and vary slightly from this.

Daily Goal Icons

Screencap of the LiveScore Daily Goals Icons

At the bottom of the dashboard there is a scrolling set of icons. These are your store’s daily goals, which are typically high margin items that servers are being encouraged to promote. For example, above, we see that the goal for the day is to sell 207 add-on’s and so far we’ve sold 1.

As items are rung, the dashboard totals will change in near real-time. In order to scroll to goals that are currently off-screen, simply click on the arrow on either side of the ticker.

Hourly Goal Gauges

A screencap of the LiveScore Hourly Gauges

LiveScore also breaks down your store goals for each hour, as shown by the gauges in the green section of the dashboard. You can see that the goal from 1:00pm to 2:00pm is 8 Add-On’s, and so far we’ve sold 1 Add-On. The gauges are a visual representation of how much progress the store has made towards their hourly goals.

Breaking goals down into hours, provides employees with a better picture at how they are doing at the moment.

Store Scoreboard

A screencap of the LiveScore Star Rating   A screencap of the LiveScore Store Ranking

Above the Scoreboard, you will see your store’s name and a Star Rating. As your store progresses to reaching daily goals, the stars will become highlighted.

On the left off the dashboard, you will see a scoreboard ranking your store against other locations, by performance. In this example, the measurement is the Average Guest Check for each store.

Need to learn more? Check out our full LiveScore Training manual here. There are also LiveScore Training videos available here.

If you have any questions regarding your account, you can also get help by contacting support at 1 (888) 407-0501 or visiting help.livelenz.com

Chief Operating Officer at LIVELENZ. Greg began working part-time in restaurants when he was 15 and continued in the industry for a decade. He then began working for technology companies developing a passion for improving operational efficiencies at fast-growing organizations.

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