Increasing Restaurant Performance and Profit: Ebook

Increasing Restaurant Performance and Profit Ebook: Feature Image

Increase ROI by Turning Data into Dollars

The restaurant industry is a competitive one. Owners and managers are getting smarter about combining the data their stores already generate daily with cloud technology, to increase profitability and success.

In this ebook for restaurant owners and managers, learn:

  • Where, why, when and what kind of data a restaurant needs
  • The pros and cons of certain types of POS’s
  • How to reduce how long customers feel they’ve been waiting
  • How to improve the upselling of key items like bacon and cheese

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Excerpt from the Ebook

Does your restaurant lack business intelligence?

Each week, restaurant owners, operators and/or managers do many repetitive and highly manual tasks. For example: creating schedules, ordering inventory, receiving and reconciling orders. They also spend hours reviewing sales data, food costs, labor reports and vacation requests. In many cases, each is on a separate spreadsheet and saved on an office computer. Most managers we speak with admit to having 5-10 different spreadsheets to track and access the information they need to do their job.


We usually hear, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” or “it’s my system”. There is a better way.

In other industries, the concept of inputting and calculating key business data on separate spreadsheets would seem absurd. Other multi-million dollar businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms* as the hub for all information and activity. In some cases, larger organizations also use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage: scheduling, goal setting, review performance, order and track inventory and monitor sales and billing. And, an increasing majority of these systems are cloud based – ensuring scalability, mobility and security.

Companies operating restaurants or multiple restaurants, franchises and brands are multi-million dollar businesses. It’s time to start leveraging technology to increase access and share data in real-time; to improve business processes and create a “single source of truth” for the organization. 

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