LiveScore Case Study

LiveScore Subway Case Study

Learn How One 20 year Subway Veteran Increased Sales 15%

Kelly Fraser has been a Subway franchisee for almost 20 years. During  her time as an owner, she’s turned around failing stores, increased same store sales year over year and has been acknowledged by her peers for her contribution and success.

Read the case to learn how Kelly used LiveScore to improve results by:

  • Alerting staff when, how much and what flavor bread to make; so they didn’t miss a sale.
  • Improving teamwork and foster friendly competition amongst staff.
  • Promoting sales of gift cards and other feature items.

Communication and influencing employee behavior are keys to the success of any restaurant. For the first time, smart operators can use data and technology to change business outcomes. Proactively, setting goals that are based on profitability and other key metrics; communicating the objectives to staff, at all levels, and show how the results will be measured; breaking large goals into manageable, attainable, hourly targets. Then, rewarding individuals or teams based on their performance.

Learn more by downloading the case study.

“Finding a way to reach employees and reinforcing
desired behaviors means better things for the owners”
Kelly Fraser- Subway franchisee, Canada


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