Livelenz Training for Owners, Managers and Staff

Livelenz Training and Support MortarboardUsing any new tool can be intimidating and the average annual turn-over rates in the restaurant industry means that training new employees (and upgrading the skill-set of current employees) on the Livelenz suite is an important part of ensuring our customer’s success.

Livelenz provides free online training to all our customers and their staff to help ensure that they can utilize Livelenz to its full potential. We’re happy to provide you with not only the training you need to be a star on our platform, but also the ability to reach out for support if the need arises. We’re there for you at the beginning, and we’ll stick with you down the road, too.

Skilled at the platform, but having technical difficulties?

The Livelenz support team is available to answer platform how-to’s, or even to refresh your memory about something you learned in training. Visit our support portal to get immediate answers to your technical questions or create a support ticket so one of our team can get back to you quickly with the answer you need.

Looking for training?

Giving you the ability to receive Livelenz training via daily email tutorials, handy instructional videos, or custom packages, our goal is to ensure your team has the skills to maximize their use of the suite of products. Click the links below for training options specific to our individual products.

Need More?

Contact the training team using the form below or via email at or phone at 1 (888) 407-0501 ext 122 to get started today.

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