LIVELENZ cash management and reconciliation solutions allow owners, operators or managers to increase accountability and discourage theft through better, easier management of floats, safe counts and bank deposits

Cash Management and Reconciliation

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Managing tills, safe counts, cash outs and bank deposits is time consuming and often prone to error. The busier a shift at your restaurant gets, the more often it needs to be done, even as your management team has less time. Livelenz helps by providing a solution that is integrated with your Point of Sales (POS), reducing much of the manual inputs that historically have caused reporting errors.

Real time information for the people who need it most

Livelenz provides visibility to busy owners and administrators who cannot be at a restaurant 24 hours a day. An owner or regional manager, can check online, confirm all their locations are performing proper safe counts and the frequency they are doing so. They can also see if there is too much cash on hand at a location, and remind a manager to perform a bank deposit. Automated alerts can even be configured to notify management teams of when protocols are not followed or variances exceed a specified amount.

In addition, Accounting can view bank deposits by bag number, amount, deposit slips and overages or shorts.  No more waiting for paperwork to arrive in inter-office mail. Detailed reports of transactions, deposit slips, bag numbers, discounts, cash accountability and more are available, without requiring busy restaurant staff to respond to an email. Easy reporting, in real time and exportable as a .csv or excel file.

Making it Simple

Using Livelenz’s cash management solution, LiveCashOut is straight-forward. In fact, if your business is already using a Livelenz product, activation can often be done in the same day. With minimal training and configuration, restaurant owners and managers have remote and on-premises access to real-time reporting on drawer counts, opening floats, safe counts, cash reports, deposits and any associated variances, at a till, employee, store or regional level.

Download the LiveCashOut Product Overview PDF

Watch a Demonstration of Livelenz Restaurant Performance Improvement Solutions

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