Change employee behavior, identify key performers and increase sales of the most profitable menu items at your restaurant or convenience store with LIVELENZ solutions.

Employee Performance

It’s human nature to want to succeed and be recognized for our accomplishments. LIVELENZ is helping clients with their Restaurant Performance Improvement (RPI) every day. However, until now, motivating employees to do more and capture their success was a challenge. LIVELENZ has developed a simple way for you to change employee behavior, identify key performers and increase sales of the most profitable menu items.

The key to success lies in combining objectives with real-time analytics and reporting.

First, establish a baseline by examining existing sales trends – by time and product. LiveAnalytics can provide this information and much more. Once a baseline has been determined, the owner/operator can sit down with the manager to determine objectives. LIVELENZ recommends using S.M.A.R.T. goal setting; make the goals Specific. Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based. For example: Increase drinks/unit sales by 5% over the next 30 days.

Next, communicate the goal and train employees how they can reach the goal – suggested selling: Ask the customer, at the point of purchase, if they want a large drink with their order. The same can be done with cheese, bacon or appetizers and desserts in restaurants. The financial impact of this small change in behavior will have a dramatic impact to your profits. Click here to see the impact it could have in your restaurant?

Smart franchisees find ways to tie performance back to employee behavior. This process will help identify star performers from average or below average employees. We recommend rewarding your stars – including cash bonuses or better shifts – and addressing the challenges with your under performers – additional training, changing roles or termination.

Once you’ve started to increase sales, there are many other ways improving employee performance can will lead to increased profits. For example, LiveScore shows real-time performance and uses predictive modeling to anticipate sales by and suggests the right amount of product to prepare, and when to prepare it. This means employees are prepared and more productive during, while the store lowers wastage and improves customer experience.

The LIVELENZ platform will help you get better performance from your employees and help you improve the overall profitability of your restaurant.

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