It’s not about selling another sandwich, burger or serving another pint. The real opportunity is growing the business: selling more franchises, opening more locations and collecting more royalties.

Franchise Performance

Point of Sale (POS) Printer iconFranchise growth is often challenged by a lack of time, focus and reliable reporting. Time is spent solving daily problems: marketing and selling locations, training new franchisees, answering questions and growing the brand. Focus is fragmented: financial challenges, food cost and supplier questions, technology choices, and HR concerns. Reporting data is inconsistent: sales results are not timely, and royalty data is self-reported (and undervalued) by the franchisees.

Who is Livelenz and why should you care?

Livelenz is a technology company that understands the challenges facing emerging brands. We understand because we’ve been there and helped our customers make it to the next level. 

Livelenz is a POS independent, real-time data analytics platform designed, specifically, for the restaurant industry. We provide all of the store level and/or aggregated data and reporting you need, without expensive hardware upgrades. Our transaction- level data and cloud-based software means you can access: sales, by revenue or product; inventory, by variance and cost of goods sold (COGS); and productivity, units per labor hour, any time, for any or all of the locations in your chain, through our easy to read web dashboard. 

Easy, accurate Royalty Reports

Are your royalty reports accurate? Many of the emerging franchises we help are not confident in the sales and royalty reporting they receive from franchisees. The sales data is slow to arrive, inconsistent or, worse, they feel they are being lied to but don’t have the time or data to “catch” how. Every dollar not reported is money being stolen from the franchisor.

Livelenz provides reliable, timely sales data that is matched to the franchisee’s POS end of day tape, which makes it harder for franchisees to under-report sales. Additionally, it shows “Item voids”, “No Sale” and “low value” transactions, per hour and/or per employee and automatically sends alerts to notify you of suspicious activity, based on business rules you define. Simply by adding visibility and accountability, franchise owners have seen annual royalty increases of thousands of dollars. All Livelenz data is 100% auditable and can be exported for your accounting software. 

Livelenz makes it easier to sell more franchises

A profitable franchise, with independent supporting data, is always easier to sell. Using Livelenz, you can easily show prospects real and relevant data around sales, COGS, and profitability. Additionally, it sends a clear message that your franchise has a technology strategy, and takes data and reporting seriously. 

Many POS systems provide limited reporting, including: end of day sales, items sold, cost and profit analysis, etc. However, the reports are hard to read and even harder to understand. Livelenz provides real-time, contextual delivered in as easy to read graphs, charts and reports. The highly visual data makes it simple to spot trends, answer questions and identify issues, before they become big problems.

Use Livelenz data to analyze the health of the entire brand or divide by region, district manager (DM) or business development manager (BDM). Spot high-performers or identify problem locations that require more support. Livelenz gives you the flexibility to see what is happening at one or all the locations, in real-time. Dive deeper to compare versus same day data from last week/month or year to spot trends and other business intelligence.

Livelenz goes beyond data to provide actionable intelligence

Although we pride ourselves on our data, it’s our understanding of the restaurant industry and product innovation that are the reasons more and more emerging brands are choosing Livelenz. The fact we offer the same or better data analytics, without significant hardware upgrades and costly POS investments makes Livelenz the best choice to help solve your technology and data problems, so you can focus on your business. 

Download the LiveAnalytics Product Overview PDF

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