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Livelenz has been working closely with key Boston Pizza multi-unit owners for the past year. The result is a tailor-made analytics and reporting platform designed especially for Boston Pizza restaurant owners. Whether you operate one or multiple locations, Livelenz gives you access to real-time, transaction-level reporting directly from your POSitouch point of sale.

The real time advantage

In the restaurant business, timing is everything. It’s the difference between a happy customer or someone complaining and leaving irate; but it can also be the difference between making money or losing it. Relying on end of day, or end of week, reports means not knowing what went wrong until it is too late to fix it. Livelenz allows restaurant owners and managers to see transactions, remotely and in real-time, for one or all of their restaurants. It means irregular transactions can be flagged and addressed immediately, decisions can be made to cut staff during a slow shift or in the moment, from anywhere – saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Information for a single location is important; however, real value is created when you use LiveAnalytics to aggregate data across all your businesses and easily compare by: location, geography, or manager.

“It has become my eyes into the restaurants when I’m not there.” – Larry A, Werschler Group

The Power of Reporting?

LiveScore engages employees, improves communications, and drives performance by providing a visual reminder, displayed on a monitor or tablet, to staff and supervisors so they can see how they are doing compared to a specific goal. Add some basic gaming components and an element of friendly competition, then watch sales take off. For example: build a contest around a specific promotion, appetizer or dessert, then use LiveScore to show how individuals or locations are doing compared to each other or the goal. Employees competing to add drinks, appetizers, and desserts will increase average guest checks and drive more money to the bottom line. If you’d like to see just how much it can add to your business, visit: ROI calculator

Reduce Labor costs with LiveHR

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Because Livelenz uses real-time data, and includes past sales data, peak times, and operational requirements (opening/closing, etc) it makes it much easier to create an optimized schedule to ensure your restaurants are running as efficiently as possible.

LiveHR also helps reduce labor cost by preventing employees from stealing time – punching in for a friend, clocking in early or punching out late. In addition, it can make scheduling for multiple locations easier by pre-populate optimized schedules, taking into account what employees have what skills, when it will be busy and reducing overtime.

Operators can reduce administrative costs even more with the LiveHR easy integration into leading accounting software, such as ADP, Quickbooks, Payworks, and Peachtree.

Food Cost Management

The greatest manageable cost in a restaurant is food inventory. Until now, ordering and managing inventory manually was a challenge. LiveInventory uses previous sales data, recipe data and advanced algorithms to identify trends and predict what will be sold and when. In doing so, it saves time by automating the placement and processing of orders, automatically calculates theoretical and actual food costs and helps reduce the amount of inventory kept on hand.

LiveInventory even provides advice to help improve inventory, allowing owners, operators or managers to more quickly identify issues like employee waste and theft of stock.

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