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Built for Subway franchisees, by Subway franchisees.

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Livelenz was co-founded by a Subway franchisee who wanted better ways to run his restaurants and know, in real-time, how they were performing. This led to the development of a suite of products customized for Subway franchisees. A set of tools to help employees increase sales and reduce food waste, predict bread baking, schedule staff and optimize labor use. All easy to implement and easily integrated with Subway Point of Sale systems like FTI, ParPOS, SubShop and SubwayPOS. Our solutions are simple, in many cases we can have you up and running before the end of a shift and they can be accessed at your office, restaurant, in the car or at home.

Small changes lead to BIG profits

LiveScore provides a visual reminder to employees, behind the counter, to promote the items that lead to the most profits. For example, increasing sales of add-on items like bacon and cookies. If you’d like to see just how much it can add to your business, visit: ROI calculator

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How does LiveScore improve performance?

People want to succeed and be recognized by peers. By setting goals and sharing progress with employees, they become more engaged. Employees competing to add drinks, add-ons, and desserts means an increased average check and more money to the bottom line.

Bread Baking

LiveScore contains a custom bread baking feature built specifically for Subways. Using custom algorithms, LiveScore predicts how much bread will be required at your restaurant (and when) and alerts staff on when to add new dough to the process, and when to move it onto the the next step in the preparation process. This reduces instances where you run out of a type of bread, prep bread that isn’t needed and produces a higher quality product as bread moves through the Retarder, Floor Retarder, Proofing, Baking and Cabinet stages at optimal points in time.

Sublive Real-time Analytics

Relying on end of day, or end of week, reports means not knowing what went wrong until it is too late to fix it. With Sublive you can act on the data, responding to possible employee theft, cutting staff during a slow shift, in the moment, from anywhere – saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Sublive tells a story by processing the data and presenting it graphically so it is easier to spot trends and act immediately. It’s easy to access simple, real-time, reports that enable you to better understand your business, across locations, and quickly affect changes that improve your bottom line.

Reduce Labor costs with LiveHR

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LiveHR saves you money by examining previous sales activity, including: time-of-day analysis for peak periods, units sold and employee productivity and creates an optimized schedule.

Because Livelenz works with real-time, transaction-level data, LiveHR can send alerts and notifications to managers when a location is in a prolonged labor overage – staff can be sent home, saving money, rather than waiting for end of day (or end of week) reports when it’s too late to take action. LiveHR can also help Subway owners eliminate “buddy-punching” and unproductive early clock-ins and late clock-outs.

“We have seen a labor savings of almost $10,000 per location.” – Jason M, Subway MUO

Improve Scheduling and Payroll Efficiency

Do you or your managers spend hours creating schedules for multiple locations? LiveHR makes it easy to create one or multiple schedules from a single dashboard. Worried about paying overtime unnecessarily or overlooking key staff roles and functions? LiveHR will alert you if employees are getting close to a threshold for hours, if minors are scheduled after a certain time and will ensure you always have the right staff scheduled for opens and closes.

To save even more time, LiveHR makes it simple to pay your staff by integrating seamlessly with the leading with accounting and payroll applications, including: ADP, Quickbooks and Peachtree.

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